Architectural details are experienced directly and indirectly; they are not only visual but also tactile. In our architecture, we strive to assemble materials that create distinct moments, ultimately producing a whole greater than the sum of its parts.

Sanders Architecture Section.jpg

Building Section

  • Pemberton Heights Residence
  • This colorful building section shows the interior design of three stories. Light and colors create a warm atmosphere.
Sanders Architecture Carranza.jpg

Design, work and think with sketches

  • Carranzo Mail Kiosk
  • Concept sketches like this one are very imported to communicate with clients, contractors and colleagues.
Sanders Architecture 3Ten.jpg

Staged Door

  • 3Ten ACL - Live
  • Lines of the concrete facade panels continue across the door and create a handle.
Sanders Architecture Hunt Rendering 1MB.jpg

Hunt Rendering

  • Hunt Cottage
  • This rendering was created during a schematic design process.
Fischer Venue Plan Sketch 2.jpg

Venue Concepts

  • Live Performance Venue
  • These concepts were produced at the beginning of schematic design to meet the client’s requirements under strict site constraints.
13_Westlake_Girls Room 3 web.jpg

Borrowed Light

  • Westlake Residence
  • Glowing light from the adjacent window grazes past this sculptural wall that is held back from the envelope, giving more daylight to the bedroom.
03 View 2 FINAL.jpg

Mixed Use Building Renderings

  • Teton Village Mixed Use
  • These renderings were two alternate schemes for a property redevelopment proposal in Teton Village, Wyoming.
nail polish design for spa

Nail Polish Display

  • AWAY Spa at W Austin
  • This backlit display exhibits the innate beauty of a collection of nail polish bottles.
lbj admissions kiosk wood and steel

Wood and Steel Detail

outdoor stair detail design

Outdoor Stair Detail

  • Temple Pool Cabana
  • Cantilevered stone treads delicately held by a steel structure create a convergence of both the sculptural and the functional purpose of this staircase.
LBJ WFC Wall Section Sketch

Building Assembly

Cedar Shade Structure

Cedar Shade Structure

  • Temple Pool Cabana
  • Bark-on cedar logs inserted into a steel frame create a shade structure permitting dappled light to enliven the seating area below.
knit bombs on sprinkler pipes

Knit Bomb Sprinkler Pipes

  • Stratus® Corporate Offices
  • Textile art group Knitta Please was commissioned to knit-wrap selected infrastructural pipes in the ceiling space of this open office workspace.
Stratus Front Desk

Steel and Wood Detail

  • Stratus® Corporate Offices
  • This custom-designed and fabricated piece composes blackened steel and walnut to create a lasting first impression for visitors to Stratus Properties’ office.
Stratus Office Column

Light Reveal at Column

Leberman Lane Watercolor


  • Tarrytown House
  • Produced in house by Leland Ulmer, this watercolor renders the design of this Tarrytown remodel.
Leberman Lane Concept Sketch

Concept Sketches

  • Tarrytown House
  • These process sketches helped resolve two challenges in this remodel: bringing sufficient natural light into the center of the house, and the client’s desire for the house to depart from its original 1960s ranch-style aesthetic.
Wright Interior Elevations kitchen design

Kitchen Concept

  • Block 21 Condo Combination/Remodel (unbuilt)
  • Creating circulation and visibility from the main living spaces into the kitchen was the primary concept when designing the kitchen of this W Residences remodel.
Martin Ranch Plan Sketch_370.jpg

Ranch Concepts

  • North Texas Ranch
  • These concepts were produced at the beginning of schematic design to meet the client’s requirements.

“The number one priority for me in my newly-designed home was to have plenty of natural light in the house. Sanders Architecture provided an unprecedented level of detail by actually studying the light patterns of my home to achieve my desired outcome.”

Kate Doner – Founder, Doner Fundraising