Gesa Keßel

Architectural Intern

Gesa Kessel Austin Architect

Gesa Keßel found herself particularly inspired by humanity during a final university project that involved designing a public pool on the Baltic Sea that would be inclusive to those with disabilities such as the blind and visually impaired. With this project she was inspired architecturally and, “felt it showed me to focus on every human sense.”

Having recently arrived in Austin from Germany, Gesa joined Sanders Architecture as a design intern. She is delighted by the way that Sanders’ projects “speak.” Each project may have different design requirements, but they all “speak the same language which makes them recognizable.”

Her previous experiences include work in Switzerland assisting the rebuilding of two residential buildings that involved the digitization of existing analogue plans, designs and applications for building permits. Gesa also contributed her talent as an intern at Praglowski Architekten as well as with Holzhüter Architektur, both in Aachen, Germany.

Born in Aachen, Gesa has a Master of Arts in Architecture from the MSA, Münster School of Architecture, a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from the Cologne University of Applied Science and participated in an exchange semester at the University of Liechtenstein.

In her short time in Austin Gesa has already become acquainted with the Elisabet Ney Museum, one of her favorite places so far. Her reason for this choice is not just because Ney was born in Münster, where Gesa spent her last two years, but because “of the old smell of the building and how Ney designed her own workplace to be creative.”