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4th of July | Ratcliff

Looong weekend! What did you do for the 4th of July?

I went out of the city for a camping trip to the Ratcliff Recreation Area. On the way to Ratcliff, the best place to stop is the sportsbar 'Dixie Chicken' in College Station. After I arrived back in Austin, I learned that it is a very popular bar of students and a must to see.

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The Ratcliff Recreation Area is in the east of Texas, near Lufkin. The three hour drive from Austin is well worth it, to enjoy a weekend between these high and old trees, which give enough shade to stay the whole weekend outside. The Campground is totally beautiful! It is nice to be secluded from civilization by the thick forest and surrounded by nature.

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I really enjoyed listening to the sound of the trees and animals while making twist bread. Be careful with the red flower!

Ratcliff Crawfish.jpg

Do you know who is living here? I guess it is a crawfish :)

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