Hyde Park | Elisabet Ney

A long time ago, Elisabet Ney chose the Hyde Park Neighborhood to build her house, which served her for living and working and which is now a museum. She worked as a sculptor but she decided to design her own house and workplace, which is really fascinating! The building itself is made with limestone in a massive construction, surrounded by a wild and natural growing garden. She created her house with love for details, as you can see on the heat vent.

If you follow the old cracking wooden stair, you will arrive at her desk under the roof with a beautiful view of her huge garden and the Neighborhood.

Ney House.jpg
Ney Detail.jpg
Ney muenster.jpg

Also, did you know that Elisabet Ney is born in Münster, Germany? There is even a photo of the Prinzipal Markt exhibited in the museum! I really wanted to visit the museum because I lived in Münster for the last two years.

Ney Stairs.jpg
Ney workplace.jpg

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