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In Bloom

  • Installation
  • Austin, Texas
  • In Bloom, a temporary installation at the Wildflower Center, takes inspiration from live oak mottes, or groves, in the hill country landscape. Cylinders of varying scales composed along a trail can be occupied, as well as the space between them. Visitors can see and hear each other through layers of transparency, while feeling a sense of protection. Utilitarian wire mesh commonly used to protect saplings, is painted colors reminiscent of wildflowers of Central Texas. Saplings and visitors are one and the same, both taking shelter within the wire enclosures.

    René Magritte’s lithograph, “Les Enfants Trouvés”, depicts businessmen who have found themselves lost in the woods. Reality is suspended when the viewer notices that their vision is obscured not by the trees, but the spaces between them. Like the businessmen, visitors are invited to get lost within the brightly colored grove of In Bloom, and in turn find their inner child.

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