Little Boggy

  • Residential
  • Trinity County, Texas
  • Located in the Neches River bottomlands in deep East Texas, Little Boggy Camp is settled amongst cypress and loblolly pine trees on the edge of a 100-acre lake. Since the 1940s, the camp has served as a family gathering place and endured several modifications over the years. New additions to the original house adds a family room with a fireplace, a bedroom for the family matriarch, and enlarges and reconfigures the kitchen. A screened second floor sleeping porch captures breezes from over the lake. The barn, replaced due to frequent flooding, incorporates salvaged trusses from the original structure. A new two-story guest house accommodates a growing multi-generational family. The guest house borrows vocabulary from the local vernacular and is sited to capture views of the lake and bottomland surrounding the site. The design of these additions respects the history of the existing camp in use, materiality, scale, and proportion.

Twilight Exterior.jpg
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