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Stratus® Corporate Offices

  • Commercial
  • Austin, Texas
  • Stratus Properties’ 8,500-square foot corporate office features dynamic spaces that can easily accommodate daily conferencing requirements and occasional entertainment events. Designed to comply with strict, building-mandated Green Building Standards, the office’s varying ceiling heights and generous glazing at the east and southern exposures combine to provide ample natural light for all office and conference rooms.
Stratus ACL Offices
Stratus ACL Office front desk
Stratus ACL Offices entrance
Stratus ACL Offices & Sanders Architecture
Stratus ACL Office waiting room
Stratus ACL Office couch
Stratus ACL Office employee
Stratus ACL Office kitchen island
Stratus ACL Office hallway
Stratus ACL Office board room
Stratus ACL Office ceilings
Stratus ACL Office hallway rug
Stratus ACL Office work space
Stratus ACL Office board room table
Stratus ACL Offices wall post

“When it came to designing our office space, Sanders Architecture didn’t come to the table with preconceived solutions. The experience was unique and collaborative. Our space is now modern and classic – a look that will last.”

– CEO, Stratus Properties

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