Jena Hammond, AIA

Project Architect

“Buildings are the stage on which our lives play out. As architects, we have a responsibility to create spaces that nurture, serve and allow for the enrichment of lives and communities. — Jena Hammond

Using the surrounding landscape and social context as inspiration for her designs, Jena Hammond sees buildings as potential catalysts for change.

Jena joined Sanders Architecture in 2014, adding additional design and project management capacity to the firm. She previously interned at Bryan Associates, Inc. in Houston and at Hibser-Yamauchi Architects in Oakland. She also worked as a teaching assistant at The University of Texas, where she taught architecture and society and creative problem solving from 2012 to 2014, and as an instructor at Summer Academy in Architecture in 2014.

Jena holds a Masters of Architecture from The University of Texas at Austin and a bachelor’s degree in architecture from the University of California, Berkeley. While at UT, Jena received the Blake Alexander Traveling Student Fellowship in Architecture, which allowed her to travel throughout the Southern states to research how architecture and design affects communities. She was also nominated for the Design Excellence Award at The University of Texas School of Architecture for three consecutive years.

Active in her community, Jena volunteers at Austin Children’s Services, providing support to children and teen moms. She has also collaborated on two design-build community projects: a mobile gardening tool shed serving Austin’s Holly neighborhood and a viewing platform at the South Texas Botanical Garden and Nature Center in Corpus Christi.

For this Texan from Friendswood, the James Turrell Skyspace on the UT campus is the most peaceful, beautiful built place in Austin, and watching the sky juxtaposed with the light sequence in the evening is one of her favorite activities.